Title: Up from the OAS
Subtext: Protest in the Square.
Date: 10 Feb 15 (Tuesday in the PM)
Time: Less than a minute
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Ms. Ferreira, newly elected the first female Secretary General of the Organization of American States, stood on top of the building’s portico. At about dusk – holding the head of a gargoyle by one hand and a megaphone in the other – she leaned over the crowds of thousands and energetically addressed the Square.

“Pure capitalism might have worked if there hadn’t been slavery. But you cannot get off on a foot like that and expect to walk the fine line between truth and treasure.”

She carried on in spurts.

“Society has become a pyramid scheme. We depend on inflation for interest, and inflation depends on population growth, which by carrying capacity alone cannot go on forever, and while it does it is destroying our natural habitat. We must move backwards to progress.”


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  1. I like the contrast here. She’s assumed the position of dictator (holding the gargoyle head and a megaphone were nice touches), yet preaching about freedom. Is she sincere?

    And is this a secession fantasy?

  2. She’s become the figurehead of a movement, something the opposite of a dictator. And she is most definitely sincere. It’s also rather the opposite of secession – it’s the super unification of all Americas in a new nation state.

    See, straightforward grammar and I’ve communicated nothing but the opposite. It’s reader to reader, tied to timing, trends, and a lot of luck. Did what I say register? Check the wind.

  3. That’s how it works, even with straightforward grammar.

    I saw the pan-American tag, but was wondering about the creation of this Organization, and was actually seeing it as a new nation (the Secretary General was a clue), replacing the current ones. Secession seemed possible. Does the U.S. still exist in this vignette?

    As for the dictator idea, she’s looming above the enchanted masses with a megaphone from on high while clutching the head of a monster. You can see where I might pick that up.

    Maybe my imagination ran away with this one.

  4. Or – more probably given your explanation – she’s holding the head of the defeated monster, the evil empire. That’s pretty good.

  5. The OAS is simply an unexpected stepping stone for the leader of a revolution, given its almost totally diplomatic nature and construct. It is a fantasy of sorts — namely that a diplomatic, treaty-based, international organization would select for something other than stoicism in a leader.

  6. I can accept that.

  7. I’ll give some more away on this one — this is a snippet from a news story written some time in the future, and Ms. Ferreira is calling for a return to a more primitive economy to escape the vortex of late-stage capitalism.

  8. Deluxe edition now available on Blu-ray.

  9. And see this for the real life version.

  10. It’s so rare that politicians say anything that feels real. The 45-minute cri de coeur that he delivered before the General Assembly had the astonishing quality of seeming so word-for-word true yet simultaneously so unsayable – so against the ordinary logic and boring jargon of contemporary speeches about world problems – that it was as if somebody had taken a knife and slashed through the flimsy set-painting that serves as the backdrop to our politics, revealing the real, crumbling world behind it.

    See the Garcia Marquez story Death Constant Beyond Love for a vision of this thought.

  11. [T]he kind that put diamonds on their teeth.


    The honest-to-God truth.

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