Title: Todd Understands

Callout: When it all comes crashing down.

Logged: 22 Jul 19 (Monday in the PM)


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Todd was home one day watching his Snorks rerun VHS cassette tape for the thirty trillionth time when outside his window appeared his best friend Fragg.

Todd, Todd! bellowed Fragg. Open your window!

I’m sorry, Fragg! yelled Todd back. I’m having a hard time hearing you! I’d open the window, but I painted it shut last summer when I altered the hue of my abode!

Todd! returned Fragg. You must leave said abode and run!

Thank you, Fragg! vocalized Todd. It did come out nicely, all except for this stuck window! Oh well! Into every life a little rain must fall!

Not rain! volleyed Fragg. A bore! A tidal bore!

No! countered Todd. It’s called Magenta Mist! In eggshell!

A bore! A tidal bore!

Oh, yes! expressed Todd. This episode is a total bore! I’ve seen all of them thirty trillion times! But wait – how rude of me! Would you like to come in for a bowl of Flooded Flakes with Marshed Mallows?!

Good heavens, Todd! Run! articulated Fragg.

With a suddenness affiliated with extreme rapidity, an inundating brine careened down Todd’s street, plucking fire hydrants and lawn statuettes from their respective berths, barreling through screened porches, uprooting Pomeranians. Todd had just enough time to see his friend Fragg turn to run before hitting the switch next to his painted-fast window.

As Todd’s house lifted into the air, he manned controls that appeared as a console from his coffee table. Smiling, he slammed with the palm of his fist the big red button labeled Fragg Finder.


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  1. When the T.O.D.D. movie comes out, it’ll be aptly titled Uprooting Pomeranians!

  2. It’s a real problem in the Low Countries.

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