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It is the third Friday of September, 1981. Todd gets off work at the plant and jams a Loverboy cassette into the tape deck of his Datsun. Squealing tires and a smoke show. This weekend is going to rock.

In fact, this will be the weekend that, while at a bar called The Rendezvous, Todd will meet the girl of his dreams, Trixie, whom he will impregnate in the ladies room. They will part ways soon after and remain apart and think little of each other for three months. Then Trixie will contact Todd. There will be stages: shock, regret, acceptance. And finally, happiness.

*          *          *

Six months later, Todd Jr. will be born to many happy returns, only a few weeks after a wedding in Trixie’s parents’ backyard. The family will move into a small suburban house near the plant, where Todd will help Trixie get a job as a secretary. They will live a happy life. Todd will refinish the kitchen and join a bowling league. Trixie will complete many a crossword at the kitchen table.

When he is old enough, Todd Jr. will start a band with his buddies, playing guitar and doing backup vocals. His dad, upon hearing of his son’s endeavor, will suggest that they cover “Working for the Weekend.” They do.

Their first show will be at The Rendezvous. And after the show, as if by some cosmic intervention or a visit from Fate herself, Todd Jr. will meet the girl of his dreams and accompany her to the ladies room.

*          *          *

But that future is all down the road. For now, back outside of the plant, where the cool autumnal air hovers delicately and the beech leaves are just starting to yellow, we can only sit back and marvel at the wonderful image of a man in a Datsun racing off toward the sunset.


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Elk » 11:21 AM 16 Jan 15
Bear » 10:50 PM 12 Sep 14

The Thread (27)

 Author's voice in spacey orange. 

  1. Haven’t read it yet — but compelled to say at first glance that I love the asterisks.

  2. Taken directly from Aldo Leopold.

  3. So that’s what it was. I knew it was something clean and simple. If there ever was a rock star it was AL.

  4. The future is literally down the road. For some reason

    This weekend is going to rock.

    hooked me right into the story. Had the perfect feel for a spun-out Datsun.

  5. Springsteen is my Loverboy. And good gosh this is genius.

  6. Alright let’s get this one sorted out. Couldn’t help but notice the removal of the serial comma in the title. I’m an Oxford comma man. My father was an Oxford comma man. His father was an Oxford comma man. Can this be tolerated by The Rooster or shall we resort to fisticuffs?

  7. Good eye — put it to a vote?

  8. I’m for the serial comma. But could this title be better without it?

  9. I forgot the tags. As I told Elk earlier, I was trying to get out of the office while putting this together. The song was the catalyst. The Datsun came later.

  10. Here’s another mild concern: the Rendezvous or The Rendezvous? The latter is the logical choice but I will defer.

  11. I’ll tell you how I do it — two or three and there’s no comma, four or more and there is.

  12. I wondered for a while if I was the Elk or The Elk – as does all the world about him — or herself at times.

    I see The Rendezvous.

  13. I’ve been going back through old work and removing commas. They bog us down. I’ve noticed that the writers I enjoy use them sparingly even when they should. After an introductory clause/phrase for instance.

    How about no commas at all?

    Todd Todd and Todd

    And note no commas in this reply.

  14. And perhaps the The Rendezvous?

  15. Here’s my vote, though I’m not gonna go to battle for any of this. Comma between two is optional, as it’s mainly a cadence and shade decision. Between three or more I’d prefer the serial since it’s logical grammar, but I acknowledge that it can be inelegant. But there are shades of meaning that can be lost without the serial.

    If the sign said “Rendezvous” I’d predict people would call it “Rendezvous”. If the sign had “The” I’d think people would use it. But it’s not always like that. Still I might go “The”.

    Conversely, I prefer “the Rabbit”.

  16. Ancientgreeksusednospacesorpunctuationitwasallcontextandcommoninterpretation

  17. Nowondertheircivilizationcrumbled

  18. “Bear,” by the by, for me, though I will answer to “the Bear.” Also “Forest Terror,” “Cave Affliction,” and “Ursus arctos.”

  19. Someday I’d like to hear the story of how we all got our names.

  20. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

  21. Buffalo bison that other Buffalo bison bully, themselves bully Buffalo bison.

  22. I think we’re something clinical.

    Anyway, timely recurrence of themes here — Aldo and the beeches, the comma question, etc. One must wonder if we’re going to repeat the whole three-year sequence every three years.

    In addition to the origin of Todd, this piece is also the origin of asterisk breaks in The Land.

  23. My how far Todd has driven since then.

  24. Todd, Todd, Todd and Todds have come a long way.

  25. By the way, @rabbit, yeah, Oxford, Mississippi.

    I’m pretty sure every comma up there is justifiable.

  26. If I knew now what I’d known then.

  27. Todds, as if with preconceived mathematical precision, went from 60 to 0 on the ordinariness scale.

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