Title: Leaving The Reluctance

Callout: Todd gets motivated.

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It had been quite a time since Todd had any notion of producing anything. His days had been consumed by an incessant desire to gloss. Todd was not interested in the depths life had to offer, but hoped only to glide from cereal bowl to cereal bowl, Snorks episode to Snorks episode, meatball sundae to meatball sundae. His hope was peppered with the fleeting notion that he might be missing something, and an even more fleeting thankfulness for missing that something he might be missing.

During this time, Todd had begun inviting his friends to live with him in his small squat abode in hopes of endeavoring upon a commune of sorts, designed in Todd’s mind to evade life in any manner of genuine or meaningful state. Todd referred to this new life as The Reluctance, a movement he represented with an image of a limp blue hand dropping a cereal spoon into a dark and apparently endless concavity. Most of Todd’s colleagues were in a different state of mind at the time, believing life to be full of nooks and crannies, books and canneries, all ripe and mossy for the living brain to ponder and consume. Only George Glass, Todd’s former college roommate, was in corresponding despondency and so one day turned up at Todd’s place with a bindle over his shoulder and no gleam in his eye.

They watched seventy-two hours straight of Snorks before setting about discussing any kind of plan. The chairs, they decided, needed sorting out. Todd was sitting on a rattan and wicker piece, usually the visitor’s seat, while George Glass had been sitting upon Todd’s magenta divan, his main squeeze. Todd explained to George Glass the upside of a chair both rattan and wicker, that it was a rare thing and good for the soul, but George Glass was quite taken with the divan. And besides, he said, I’m already sitting here. A serious row ensued, about the relative merits of seating arrangements, the guest/visitor dynamic, the essence of The Reluctance.

When George Glass threatened to leave, Todd said, Would you wait here a moment? and walked casually to the utensil drawer. There was a specific cereal spoon he had in mind.


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  1. The antonym of reluctant is inclined, which, as it relates to the angle produced by the cushioned seat and back of a particularly comfortable divan, is worth throwing down spoons for.

  2. This guy really gets it.

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