Title: Half a Todd

Callout: Todd’s better half.

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One day, Todd awoke to find that he was. All night, he’d had a dream that. Sure, he knew Wanda couldn’t. Or. But what did that.

Todd jumped out of bed, elated, brushed his teeth and. He knew he might just catch her at the train station if. The train left in. Todd remotely started his Datsun motorcycle with sidecar, hurriedly tied his. At the last moment, he grabbed a mid-level sucrose cereal bar and jumped down the.

The ride over was a. Todd couldn’t stop thinking about. He knew that he loved. And she loved. Only they didn’t both.

Todd was so engrossed in thought that he almost didn’t see. It was upon him in less
than the time. It was a maelstrom of unforeseen. A deluge of unparalleled. Todd knew he should have checked a tide chart, but. He barely made it out with.

Ten minutes later, a soaked-to-the-bone Todd. Wanda was in the dining car, ordering a. The train started rolling toward. Todd began running, water pouring out of. As the train picked up speed, Todd ran faster until, right next to it, he saw Wanda through the window, talking to.

That’s when it occurred to Todd.


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Bear » 9:39 AM 01 Jul 19

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 Author's voice in spacey orange. 

  1. Love this. Somehow corrected for whatever expectations I had that made sentences seem unfinished. Started making sense, or at least sounding like. With no beginnings would sound like.

  2. This was.

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