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Title: Fragg and Todd Are Friends

Callout: Less than a speck of nothing.

Logged: 06 Apr 17 (Thursday in the PM)


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It was early April when the fen found Fragg and Todd walking its lonely lines in late starlight.

Todd, said Fragg, do you ever get the feeling that we are just tiny granules of powder in a great unknowable basin?

No, said Todd, I never get that feeling.

A meadow mouse scurried across the wet grass before them. Todd gave chase but the mouse was in an instant beneath brush.

As they rounded the coast, a silver moon showed itself from between foliage.

Todd, said Fragg, do you ever think that someday we might discover a cure for death?

No, said Todd, I never think that.

A swamp rabbit kicked up upon their approach, leaving several strands of ribbony grass floating midair. Todd started, reaching for the twisted iron blade strapped to his back, but the rabbit was already vanished into thick and wiry briar.

As morning approached and the horizon alit, Fragg and Todd walked on, further from home and closer to other places. Horrible monsters and demons the world over receded into darkness. The stars disappeared. Todd’s eyes glowed in blue flame.

Todd, have you ever considered the very basic tenets of fundamental reality and its tenuous tethers to our perceptive organs and appendages?

I have considered that, Fragg, and found the answer wanting.

Fragg stopped a minute, then turned to walk home. Where are you going, shouted Todd. But Fragg couldn’t hear him. He was too far away.

Todd watched him leave until he was a less than a speck of nothing. Exactly, he thought, then turned ahead, took out his phyto-gamma space ray lazer blaster, and set it from pulp to smooth.

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