Title: The Philosopher’s Satchel
Subtext: The last level.
Date: 30 Dec 15 (Wednesday in the AM)
Time: Less than a minute
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Notes in the event I don’t return. I’m carrying a steel shield and sword I’ve sharpened with the diamond. I’m off Rowe’s Way, seventy-seven feet to the sea. One leather satchel, six coffee beans and as many cocoa. A flask of clear spirits. The purple bud of an herbal flower. Rolled tobacco leaves sweetened with a raw shave of cane. Pages from a mystic text. Flint.


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  1. Considering moving this to vigns – right? The audio is semi-permenant to me, maybe the sketch of a concept I’d refine if the piece develops enough to warrant it. Hence it’s in flux. Taking all thoughts.

  2. I read this once first before turning to the audio, which changed the tone and my perspective on the piece significantly. I don’t know how deep in flux this is, but at the moment I’d be hard pressed to come up with an interpretation of its meaning without the assistance of the tags. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  3. That’s the power of audio, right there. It’s as influential as the text itself.

    The piece needs development — I’m looking for next or preceding segments. It’s deeply in flux. And if the audio stays, it’d be redone and cut by 2/3.

    Either it expands or it goes to vigns. I’d need someone to say, “I immediately felt it should come from or go to X, Y or Z.” If it stirs any vision, describe what’s going on in a reply.

  4. Cut the audio back by 2/3 already. So the tags and the subtext, plus the audio, and of course the text itself, should make it possibly apparent that this is inspired by adventures in 8-bit living.

  5. Aside — media production for video games is huge business. Textual content is no exception, the bulk of which is pure narrative.

  6. Added a visual.

  7. New title – and one additional element.

  8. RL is a workshop. It’s a place to try things out — concepts, mediums, strings of words.

    This piece stretches my own notion of what I do. Writing/producing for video games would be fascinating, and given the lack of space to work on the notion otherwise, I’m thankful there’s a place to throw down lines written for the realm, no matter how amateur or ephemeral they are.

    Where would any band be without a practice space? Split up – playing for the mirror.

  9. The great thing about those 8-bit games is that they were on many levels amateur and ephemeral. That was the draw. They worked on an archetypal level.

    Therefore, the nailhead has been squarely struck. I’d play this game.

  10. I wonder if it’s obvious or not — caffeine, cocoa, alcohol, tetrahydrocannabinol, nicotine, sugar. These are the philosoher’s elements. The flint, the sword, the shield, those are merely tools. Question would be on which side fall the pages of a mystic text. I have my belief on the subject.

  11. Totally correct on “the archetypal level”, Bear. That’s possibly a better subtext, in fact.

  12. I did notice those elements, though I hadn’t put them in the archetypal context. Now that I have, I like the piece even more. That these elements have replaced or stand in for others more commonly associated with the genre is pretty interesting.

  13. Main character = philosopher, who must at last resort wield the sword, but is not foremost the usual warrior character by any means.

  14. Ask questions first.

  15. This piece just went XXO — it’s going in a book, and maybe elsewhere.

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