Title: The Dematerialized Zone
Subtext: Spy hunter.
Date: 14 Oct 14 (Tuesday in the PM)
Time: Less than a minute
Replies: 49
Revisions: 33
Publicity: Superfeed
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From the captured scene to the cathode beam, waves of dreams break, when by the light of the streaming flutter, twisted through vivid felicity, and overwhelmed by the radiant nullity of a gainful oblivion, half a piece of navy camo pizza pops. Blobs of blue mozzarel and black marinara are the static ripples of the night before, plain against the tranquility of predawn on the kick drum-cum-coffee table’s batterhead pond.

A creak in the hall – the brightness dialed back to 2 – a clang in the pipe: the heat: it’s late – a cat hiss – the slice to go – a window: escape.

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