Title: Star-Sized Pac-Man
Date: 19 Sep 14 (Friday in the PM)
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The universe is full of mostly nothing. That is to say that it is not more than it is. But it is the is that delineates this realm – the extent to which the is exerts force on the not defines its limits. So in the universe, even the not is and is not truly not.

It is through a portion of this false absence that Star-Sized Pac-Man glides in a straight-ahead fashion, following imaginary but very visible linear bars of glowing light. His motive is none, it seems, but had he one, it could not drive him any more intensely to his work of covering ground, for he moves rapidly through the cold blackness. As he does so, his massive mouth (both relative to body size and to most objects in the universe) opens and closes incessantly, but gathers only the apparent nothing through which he moves. This does nothing to stop him; the movement forward requires this mandibular action – there is, for Pac-Man, no alternative.

Despite the three-dimensional rendering of the universe, Pac-Man is two-dimensional, as is the glowing light-bar construct guiding his way. This means that Pac-Man and the structure are very visible to those looking at him and it broadside, but are perpendicularly as nearly invisible as is possible without actually being invisible: if the numeral codified to represent the proximity of Pac-Man’s degree of visibility to absolute invisiblility was reduced by any amount whatsoever, then he and his guide bars would certainly disappear from the head-on perspective altogether. And it is in this two-dimensional manner that Pac-Man, huge glowing disembodied head quartered constantly by his mammoth pie-piece eater, moves through the absence of matter across a cross-section of the universe.

It should be said that Pac-Man is in an everlasting cat-and-mouse battle with four ghosts, deceptive nothings moving through the deceptive nothing, with the definitions of cat, mouse, and nothing in perpetual flux.

It should also be noted that Pac-Man is at the whim and mercy of his controller, an Atari 2600 joystick, and is even at this moment being coerced through the remote actions of this independent mechanism.

It should be remarked, finally, that along Pac-Man’s structured route, meeting it 90 degrees from broadside, is the planet Earth.


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  1. As much as I would like to revel in the philosophy surrounding this calculating yet whimsical maniac, the objective correlative (see T. S. Eliot) is too strong for me to think about anything other than my old Coleco, Mini Arcade game I used to play as a child.

  2. Italics in place of quotes? Better, but still suspect with such frequency.

  3. The Rooster has no mind for substance — Bear lays out a rich vision of scale and dimension and all Rooster can do is peck at punctuation.

    I’m rooting for Pac-Man in a way as big as he.

  4. Tagged cherries!

  5. Agree about the italics but the quotes looked seriously hack. Rooster’s ruined me on quotes.

  6. Pac-Man is the unsung champion of the modern predicament. A working class hero in the stars.

  7. Or the symbol for excessive consumption. You decide!

  8. Now you sound like Ms. Pac-Man. Can’t you see that he has no choice! Sure he would love to be home for dinner but that’s not where the lights are taking him!

  9. Why do you think he’s working so hard? Ms. Pac-Man wants a new handbag.

    Or maybe he’s just trying to get out of the house.

  10. :)

    But what will The Rooster think of this?

  11. Yeah that’s not allowed either.

  12. We need a character who can do the things we hate, like the smiley face.

  13. OMG SO TRU LOL!!!!! ;) ;)

  14. Yes, that stuff. Also Austin Powers and T. S. Eliot lines.

  15. Wow, the audacity of this Rabbit warrants not the welcome but the whipping.

  16. We are the hollow Rooster
    We are the stuffed Rooster
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    That’s not my bag, baby!

  17. I thought not. But the mark was made.

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