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. . .

So you can wake up and get behind the machine. You can man the controls. You can get into your cockpit and man the controls.

Or not unless you’re an astronaut. Because this is earth, and we live on, and are of and from the earth.

If you want to orbit Venus, then man the controls. If you want to colonize Mars, then man the controls. If you want to explore the outer reaches of the cosmos, then get behind a machine, get into the cockpit, and man the controls.

The rest of you – the rest of us – come out from behind your device and walk with me on this earth.

. . .

There was a dim hum and they went back to work.


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  1. Somewhere a lonely man in a deep-sea submersible longs for some fresh air, muttering to himself that this better be good down here.

  2. *chuckle*

  3. And then — here. Note that many of those scenes appear to take place in the romanticized land of Europe.

    Aside, don’t you just want to marry Renée for that?

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