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Title: Somerville, New Jersey
Subtext: Searching for a missed call.
Date: 18 Jul 18 (Wednesday in the PM)
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Why can’t you hurry?

Brianne knew who Stefanie’s father was. There are no fingerprints. It’s very surprising. The old woman studied the visitor carefully. Ford was poorly educated. Annamaria wants desperately to believe that what Herbert said is true.

Just say what you want to say. Shavonne is a lot like his father.

Madison told me he wants to go to Boston. The songwriter was sued for plagiarism. We can’t leave Wallace. I’ve ordered one. Belgium is called “Belgique” in French.

Palmer won’t survive.

I know we don’t really know each other all that well. Sueann is not overly friendly. I don’t have vodka. Girls are girls and boys are boys.

I am pretty pleased with you. Treena regrets telling Darius his telephone number. Very happy to see you. She kept questionable company. Would you mind if I poured myself a cup of coffee? I wanted to kill him. Annmarie made a big donation to the hospital.

Yes, I think I need to go. How fast the plane is! I heard from him last month. I still try to be careful. Who will you give the book to? Savanna asked Nelly to do something for him, but I don’t know what. The grand jury indicted Xuan for murder. He doesn’t believe in God. Karlene respectfully removed his hat.

He is unmarried. In the village there are no thieves. They invited me to dinner. We’ll start.

That author translated those fairy tales into our language. While anyone who has a need to conduct legal research may study and take notes from the law library’s holdings of published books and journals during normal hours of operation, members of the public who are not formally registered as law students do not have access to certain electronic resources.

Catherina is next in line. Ervin is a language nerd. It’s quite simple. Let me show you. Please put this in the safe. I didn’t tell you to take a bribe. We don’t have a chance. The men have mustaches. Tell Rheba that I’m exhausted. I remember those times. We have another decision to make.

I’m sorry that you are leaving here. My mouth waters when I read cooking books. She seeded vegetables in her garden. That sea is called the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t say that word again. That’s it. I’m not lending you any more money.

What is the advantage to this technology?

Near the end of his life, he started to worry a lot about what his legacy would be.

Sherise married for money.

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