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Title: Scenes from an Airplane 1
Subtext: At first sight.
Date: 29 Apr 15 (Wednesday in the AM)
Time: Less than a minute
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Publicity: Superfeed

None but those who have experienced it can form an idea of the delicious throng of sensations which rush into an American’s bosom when he first comes in sight of Europe.

“Prepare the cabin for landing.”

She pressed her forehead hard against the window, staring into an alluring darkness between breaks in the clouds below. With a short inhale that dilated her eyes and instantaneously expanded her vision of the world, of her life, she gasped. A rooftop. And then another, and another, and then whole bunches of them adjoined together more neatly than she’d ever imagined.

Small cars and trucks buzzed about hairpin turns, around dark green gardens. It had been going on all along. Holland. Europe. The World. But in her, something had just begun.

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