Title: Sandstorm
Date: 15 Aug 14 (Friday in the PM)
Time: Less than a minute
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I am a wanderer. In the desert I sit, eyes closed, sand blasting at my face. The sun is not present so cannot be hot, but the sting of a million tiny stones can burn.

I must just wait, now lying flat on my back. Against an eyelid I watch a scratched cornea. Meditation becomes of it and I am transported to the place of ages where all is revealed.

I am enveloped. I am buried.


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Elk » 8:40 PM 15 Aug 14

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 Author's voice in grey. 

  1. About the guessing – I didn’t ever see the point because I didn’t see the task as being to obscure the meaning just to the brink of recognition. I saw it as leveraging, even if plain. In fact, I aimed for plain.

  2. That’s okay too.

  3. This next question is perhaps going to give all of Rooster Land purpose — is it ok or okay?

  4. I’m an okay fellow myself. Ok people, when I meet them, generally have weak chins and tend to do the dishes with gloves on.

  5. Take it back – I’m an ok guy working up to skin cancer from bleaching without protection.

  6. You bleach your dishes? You sound like an okay guy.

  7. Okay, ok. So I bleach my dishes.

  8. Was this the Zepelin prompt?

  9. *Zeppelin

    Btw, this is the first reply that feels more like a text.

  10. You don’t need to write serial replies — you can edit your reply to make the correction by going into the admin panel.

    But, perhaps this is a fortuitous branch. Maybe we should be treating replies like texts. Or maybe we should set the whole of Rooster Land up as a texting interface to capture something like a dialogue.

  11. Yes, I like that idea. If later we need to remove some, as you said, we will. Thus, opposed to what I’ve said earlier, we should feel free to offer critiques (as The Horse wanted) as well as conversation.

    I don’t think we need to condense replies at this point. That’s a process for down the road.

  12. You know how I like having or talking about good ideas. Well, refashioning texting – or even emailing – as such is a very cool idea.

  13. So just coming back to this, one of the first Rooster Land discussions, because, well, The Paris Review offers us some insight on OK-ok-okay.

  14. Fantastic.

    And (The) Bear is just plain wrong. “Okay” is for people trying too hard to show they’re right about something they’re not right about.

    I wash dishes with boxing gloves.

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