Title: Saggitarium 7
Subtext: Self-harm.
Date: 06 Dec 16 (Tuesday in the PM)
Time: Less than a minute
Replies: 2
Revisions: 4
Publicity: Superfeed

Sparks, pleading for a gift shop visit on the way out, and swearing that she understood there would be no purchase, prevailed. Once in though, she was unable to persuade Bennet, whom she presented with a succession of smaller and smaller plush toys, ostensibly to only show him how cute they were. “Ooh, I like that one!” Bennet would agree. But when there was no transaction, Sparks turned inward and declared she did not want pizza.

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"Deliberately puzzling or confusing a reader may keep him reading for a while, but at too great an expense. A lot of beginning writers' fiction is like a lot of beginners' poetry: deliberately unintelligible so as to make the shallow seem deep." – Rust Hills