Title: Saggitarium 7
Subtext: Self-harm.
Date: 06 Dec 16 (Tuesday in the PM)
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Sparks, pleading for a gift shop visit on the way out, and swearing that she understood there would be no purchase, prevailed. Once in though, she was unable to persuade Bennet, whom she presented with a succession of smaller and smaller plush toys, ostensibly to only show him how cute they were. “Ooh, I like that one!” Bennet would agree. But when there was no transaction, Sparks turned inward and declared she did not want pizza.


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  1. Where to put thoughts on this series – how about near the end where gritty realism culminates? Excellent, and recasts “But is it fiction?” in high voltage neon lighting. There’s almost nothing to say but, “Exactly.” And that’s good writing.

    Throughout, I thought some about why or why not to integrate the octuplets into a single piece – and by the end it’s emotionally obvious why not. They are truly isolated moments. And their distinction is at once their very distinction despite yet also because of their relation. It’s a weird and amazingly affecting hybridization of the vignette and the story.

    That is to say, I love these individually and together. Let’s keep thinking about how we can better present serializations. Channels are there, but maybe there’s more to it, even if what comes of more thought is doing something less, or more minimal.

  2. Had the same thought. My first reaction was to see them together in one flow, but I quickly reversed, then backed up, reversed again, turned around and realized I liked where I was. Let the tags function as serializers for those who wish to serialize.

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