Title: Verititis

Takeaway: To be or not to be.

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It was one o’clock, not on a weekend nor any day of the week that even in college feels like one. It was the one hour in a hundred and sixty-eight that a retiree thinks about going back to work. You were going to get “Thai for breakfast.”

You stumbled into the backseat in basketball shorts, a T and flip flops. Teetering one at the end of your big toe, your head cocked watching it dangle, you scratched your leg and told me about your weekend, which “is still going.”

One of your boarding school friends flew you out to Vegas, and you were “recuperating.” It was his dad’s jet. “Well, actually, I think it was his dad’s company’s jet.” You talked about what it was like, “you know, the one percent thing,” like you were considering it yourself – like it was something you just had to sign up for. You said, “Yeah, there won’t be any convincing these people.”

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