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Title: Tiger Style

Takeaway: Fruits or flavors.

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Logged: 14 May 16 (Saturday in the AM)


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You just got back from a place far east where you massage tigers. “It’s not what you think.”

I didn’t know how it could not be what I thought. As much as it spoke for itself it said many different things, all of which I thought about. It sounded so outrageously badass that I decided to leave it there.

You started traveling east when you realized, “There’s nothing free about this country if you can’t free your mind.” Working an IronMind, Captains of Crush Gripper in your right hand, you said, “I’m on my second life.” You switched to the left hand and ran your right through your hair, taking off the red headband that was holding it back. You hadn’t cut your hair in years. “Not since I left the company.” I asked you why you left. You gazed downtown. “I prefer my own company.”

You answered a call before departing and didn’t have time for a proper goodbye. Last thing I heard was, “If they don’t have the cherry, get me the orange.”

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