Title: The End Is Not Written

Takeaway: Keep on.

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Pony Rides has been half-finished for — well, sometime now, I guess. Things have changed, not just for Horse, but for everybody. Here’s the thing.

Despite the thrill of it all, Horse remained as steady, unwrinkled and featureless as Horse could in those early days of ridesharing. And Horse reported on riders in way that was just featureless enough so that you could see yourself or someone you might know in every rider and not become distracted by other details. There may be an exception or two.

The ridesharing powers that be — sorry, were — blessed both passengers and Horses back then. Horses got fed, passengers rode free. Even after those powers wore off and reality set in, the goodwill remained — for a good long while. But all good things… plateau? And where there are plateaus, rides can tire. Oh, maybe the scenery fades. Or maybe a rider or a Horse turns inward, conversation minimizing into a comfortable or even altogether forgotten silence.

“What was that?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Oh. Must have been a car horn.”



But the first and so far only volume of Pony Pides captures the better old days, when it felt like we were part of a vision of the future that had come to fruition. It seemed like pure good change was here. A new way of doing things had arrived. And in the Horse’s cabin, everybody was like you.

What emerged was a kind of conversation that you get when there’s a massive power outage, an asteroid the size of Rhode Island headed for earth, or free ice cream. All of a sudden we’re going to talk now, so we’re going to talk about everything — eventually things we weren’t talking about. There was universal heartache and courage, shared desires and trials, vulnerability where there once seemed to be airs. Always an exception or two, of course. But there was no despair — just a widespread and omnipresent drive to keep on. And keeping on was Horse’s motto.

Today, Horse has one request. While ridesharing seems more like taxi driving these days, keep the conversation going. A little goes a long way. Yes, it’s true, things don’t always go as they’ve always gone. When it comes to Pony Rides, it seems like they won’t. But this can be a good thing. Who knows. The end is not written.


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  1. We’ve never made it very far in understanding beginnings and endings. The royal we.

  2. There’s no such thing as a free ice cream.

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