Title: Impending Doom

Takeaway: Crossing a generational divide.

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You had just come back from an interview at an accounting firm downtown. You met with three managers who really liked you and one partner who you found “difficult.”

You mentioned that you change something you do in each interview you go on, and that this time you were more honest about your weakness: that you don’t have a lot of experience in finance.

I guessed correctly what the partner asked you: “Why would you want to work at a place like this?” You said you felt like he came out “guns-a-blazing,” and that in response you explained to him all the coursework you took in college that was relevant to this job, which you also shared with me. You sounded like you were still in interview mode.

Before we went our separate ways, I asked you what you wanted to do with the rest of your day. You said you were dying to just get out of the suit you had been in for the past few hours. I said, “Good luck with everything.”


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Elk » 12:55 PM 27 Dec 15

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  1. It’s just so relatable. I’d end it at “suit”. Someone second me.

  2. For a normal vignette, I’d agree about ending at “suit”. Here, however, in Pony Rides, it seems as important to see the narrator’s reaction/judgment as anything else. That reaction, while implicit with the suggested ending, is obviously more emphatically implied with the current last line. I don’t think we want to be too subtle.

    Sometimes subtle can become invisible.

  3. Possibly — I’m on the fence now, and pretty squarely on it at that.

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