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Title: Diminishing Returns

Takeaway: Overeducated and underskilled.

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Logged: 11 Aug 15 (Tuesday in the PM)


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You said you were “over-educated and under-skilled.”

You were a copywriter for an insurance company. “They’re stories about people.” We talked about what it was like to write copy. “It’s a contract, but if you look at it by the hour, it’s abuse.”

You said you would have done much better in economics if you had worked as a freelancer first. You also said you wouldn’t have signed for those college loans. “My job is for like a kid just out of college, living in their parents’ basement, going to Kaplan classes at night.”

You couldn’t afford Kaplan classes even if you wanted them, and you were not living in your parents’ basement. “It’s being renovated.”

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