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Title: No Passengers
Subtext: Getting there and being there.
Date: 13 May 15 (Wednesday in the AM)
Time: Less than a minute
Replies: 5
Revisions: 4
Publicity: Superfeed

A distant roar

And rumbling underneath the boards

Steaming past this freezing fort

Moving on through the mild frontier

To the engineer’s sing-song reverie.


I’ll be back by Halloween for sure!

Follow me I’m a freak

Casey Jones for a week

Off my gourd!


C’mon get on the train!

The speed will set you free today!

You can handle anything.


Magazines and candy wrappers on the floor:

Mars Bars, a tossed Timeout New York.

Hey, I’m one for reading trash but ain’t got time to check which band

Is in the club this week.


‘Cause there’s that crazed conductor screaming, “All aboard!

Albany! Rensaleah!”

This train is leaving.

Better bust past those machines

And blow that surplus on the surcharge at the seat.


‘Cause I can’t be late.

So I’m fumbling through my change

As I’m racing to the gate.


Almost flew into a rage

When I heard that crackling

Speaker sing,


“No passengers.”

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