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Title: Mortality
Subtext: Life on ice.
Date: 31 Dec 15 (Thursday in the AM)
Time: 1 minute
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“What percentage of your life would you do differently if you could go back and do it again?”


“That’s reasonable.”


“Nearly everything. But there’s one thing I wouldn’t change – an early winter day, Christmastime. I came out of a hotel with my son of forty-six months.”

“Almost four, then.”

“That’s right. He pulled me across the street against the signal, to an ice skating rink. He’d seen people on skates gliding across the ice in fact, fiction and fantasy. He thought he could do it too. You know kids, they will get behind the wheel of a car and ask you to turn it on so they can fly it. And they’d have no idea it wasn’t awesome until it ended. So you’ve got to be their guardians. Well, we got him some skates, laced them up, and shoved off. He slipped immediately, and repeatedly, without fail but without fall for several seconds non-stop, and then he did go down. All of that again, and down a second time. On his third fall, he stayed down, looking up at the clouds, and the sky.”

“What was it?”

“I watched him there, lying a while, learning.”

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