Title: Lo and Be Gold
Subtext: The royal we.
Date: 09 Aug 18 (Thursday in the PM)
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I was sitting in the backyard of the Winsor half bombed with nobody to tell lies to. Six years later I was upstairs in the Drew tangled in linens.

“How will you love me?”

At my age I had to think about it. “I will write you.”

She stretched her arms over her head, revealing the thrust of her breast. “Swallow me with your yawns, the most gentle crime. Is there anything better than the feel of sea air in the sheets? You are my author; write me.”

I on my back looked through the colonially decorated ceiling into deep space and droned. “Someone just looked into their lover’s eye. Someone just got burned, literally. Someone just got burned, figuratively. Someone just tasted honey for the first time. Someone just finished a book. Someone just turned out the lights. Someone just discovered their sexuality. Someone just made a brush stroke in green. Someone just wrote a line of code. Someone just released the drain stopper. Someone just threshed rice. Someone just inhaled a trace of incense. Someone just made their point. Someone just became frustrated with the sap on their fingers. Someone just started to cry out of fear. Someone just woke up from an incomprehensible dream. Someone just closed a deal. Someone just folded their hands in prayer. Someone just entered a trance. And someone just found god.”


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 Author's voice in grey. 

  1. Evolution has occurred — more needed.

  2. I’ve got the dialogue in place; just need to fill in the context around it. These two are in bed together, I think. They’ve finally just fallen in love after many years of unwitting courtship. Open to hearing about the imagery you have in your mind as you read over the piece and this reply — give me some keywords.

  3. Closer now.

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