Title: Life Is Crazy
Subtext: Dreams do come true.
Date: 03 Oct 18 (Wednesday in the AM)
Time: 1 minute
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Revisions: 9
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Life is crazy. One minute I’m sound asleep and the next I’m up and getting ready for work. Tabby hasn’t moved since last night, still asleep at the foot of the bed. I’m sorry but to me that’s insane. I look through my ties and go with the bright green with black polka dots. How I came to that decision I don’t know.

*          *          *

Work is totally mental. Mr. Brunn gives me a report from the Wellington account to review. As he walks away from my cubicle, I sit back and reflect on the hour and a half I’ll spend studying its contents. Crazy.

At lunch, Jimmy does an imitation of Mr. Brunn, highlighting his good nature and realistic expectations. I try not to laugh but I’m sorry it is too funny.

*          *          *

It’s been a crazy day but it’s about to get crazier. On the way home from work I decide to make a pit stop at the Tea Mug, where I’ve been eying a new set of plain cork coasters. All of a sudden I find myself purchasing them with my credit card.

Riding high, I drive the rest of the way home and immediately put the kettle on. Usually I wait until after dinner but things are happening so quickly I don’t even think about it. I only let the tea steep for a minute and begin carrying my hot mug over to the coffee table, where I’ve set up one of my new coasters. It occurs to me during this walk, carrying my tea, that the situation is incredibly fragile – that if I simply slip or trip or stumble, my mug of hot tea, so perfect in its wholeness and warmth, will spill everywhere, the mug might break, I could fall and hurt myself. I might even die. Anything can happen at any time, I realize. There is no plan, no perfect prognostication. Everything is liable to any and all possibility at any and all time.

I sit my tea down and take a seat. I blow on it a moment before taking the tiniest of sips. The warmth and fruity flavors brighten my thought. Tabby walks by and rubs against my leg and I realize how lucky I’ve been to be here.


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  1. It’s been three hours since I published this and no replies. WTF.

  2. It’s absolutely bonkers. How many things can happen in three hours? All things can happen in three hours. I read this piece in three hours. I enjoyed it. What a ridiculous situation.

  3. Remember, Rabbit, this is fiction and all absolutely false.

  4. I thought “fiction” was the true one? Now I’m confused. Unbelievable.

  5. First of all, this isn’t fiction and you know it. Secondly, check the revisions. And thrice, nice one.

  6. Reverted most of it. This one is all about voice and the little idiosyncrasies matter, to me at least.

  7. Elk’s right. This isn’t fiction. I just bought the coasters.

  8. “This one is all about voice…”

    I was thinking audience, which is what voice is all about. For me, this is a great inner voice — audience of the self. I say you nailed it.

  9. Your check, sir, is in the mail.

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