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Title: Lemon-Lime
Subtext: Tropical twist.
Date: 27 May 15 (Wednesday in the PM)
Time: Less than a minute
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Revisions: 5
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Look, I’m not saying lime has anything to be ashamed of. I like them both. But you’re putting me in a situation where I have to choose. And it’s not an easy choice. They’re equally wonderful and addictively astonishing in their own ways, most of those being so nearly the same that it’s hard to parse beyond the moment of reaction. In fact there are a great many circumstances in which lime is far and away capital – such as guacamole, mashed lime and Sapphire over ice, or the world’s best drink, Grammy’s caipirinha. Of course, there are a great many examples going the other way too, lemonade being at the top of that list. But you’re making me choose, and if that’s the case, then I’m sorry to say that despite my frequent, if not more frequent preference for lime in life, I’d have to take the lemon.

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