Title: Lemon-Lime
Subtext: Tropical twist.
Date: 27 May 15 (Wednesday in the PM)
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Look, I’m not saying lime has anything to be ashamed of. I like them both. But you’re putting me in a situation where I have to choose. And it’s not an easy choice. They’re equally wonderful and addictively astonishing in their own ways, most of those being so nearly the same that it’s hard to parse beyond the moment of reaction. In fact there are a great many circumstances in which lime is far and away capital – such as guacamole, mashed lime and Sapphire over ice, or the world’s best drink, Grammy’s caipirinha. Of course, there are a great many examples going the other way too, lemonade being at the top of that list. But you’re making me choose, and if that’s the case, then I’m sorry to say that despite my frequent, if not more frequent preference for lime in life, I’d have to take the lemon.


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  1. It truly disturbs me that there are certain people from certain cultures speaking certain languages, specifics omitted to protect the so-called innocent, who apparently do not distinguish between lemons and limes. It disturbs me and it shocks me. It makes me want to close my eyes and make it all go away.

  2. What value does Lemon-Lime have besides the prospect of maybe getting pushed around the web as lorem ipsum? I’d rather have some chance at a hook than no chance. It took three minutes to tap out and it has no personal value to me. But it’s better than other lorem ipsum. Most of the garbage that pops into my head, and I’d argue most of the garbage that pops into almost everyone’s head, is fit for no more than lorem ipsum. The good stuff, the best stuff, that’s not anywhere but on my hard drive (few exceptions). It’s about knowing there are many channels, many possibilities, and getting creative with your approach to reaching people from all angles. The days of publishing only in books, or magazines, or newspapers ended so long ago they’re not visible from here.

  3. This is my favorite Elk piece.

  4. You know that’s not true.

  5. Although, upon further consideration, this piece is a page out of Bear’s playbook in some ways, so I guess if you did enjoy it that wouldn’t surprise me.

  6. I was at once ascribing it value above simple Internet fodder and giving my honest opinion. It’s a refreshing read. Pun intended.

  7. Rereading in quiet corners here at Rooster Land. I still enjoy the spontaneity of this. The premise, mind you, is genius: that you have to choose between the two. What a perfectly absurd conceit.

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