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Title: Half Way There
Subtext: And more than ever.
Date: 25 Mar 16 (Friday in the PM)
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That’s all fine. I can certainly continue working on what tends to come within your focus. But do note that that’s the stuff coming within your focus while lots and lots of other stuff happens around you and for you.

My problem is that you focus on the bad, the what was, the what could have been, the what you wish it would be, the stuff you don’t like, instead of seeing all the good and the things we have to be thankful for. I’m sure it’s ordinary, to get to a point like this, and I bet most don’t make it out because they stop there, and think that that’s all there is, the bad stuff that captivates them.

You focus on the bad, the what was, the what could have been, the what you wish it would be.

I can continue to work on the things that tend to catch your focus, but I’m also asking you to refocus, to look at the good, to be happy with our life, come what may of it, whether we get rich or lose it all. The people who win in the end are the ones who make it through, unperturbed by the inevitable comings and goings of fate and fortune. It’s the spiritual thing I was referring to when I said I thought you had lost it, the enlightenment that brought us together, that we wouldn’t need anything but each other.

We started with less than nothing. We were both in the hole. Well now we’re out, and all of a sudden life is about what we don’t have even though we have more than ever and we still have each other.

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