Title: Green Beads
Subtext: Passing mastication.
Date: 14 Sep 15 (Monday in the AM)
Time: 1 minute
Replies: 10
Revisions: 2
Publicity: Workshop
I go with two dogs into a field. Sheep are in the field. The dogs jump up on me, and I do not know how to get them down. They are large . . . it goes on – however, this piece is for writers.

There's a lot of stuff growing in The Land, but you've got to be a writer to see it all. We push a selection out to a superfeed for public viewership. The rest — along with replies and revisions — is workshop material.


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"Deliberately puzzling or confusing a reader may keep him reading for a while, but at too great an expense. A lot of beginning writers' fiction is like a lot of beginners' poetry: deliberately unintelligible so as to make the shallow seem deep." – Rust Hills