Title: General Store: In Attendance
Subtext: What's on your agenda, stays on your agenda.
Date: 03 Aug 19 (Saturday in the PM)
Time: Less than a minute
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Publicity: Workshop

Cut in to woman alone in store, clerk walking away.

Woman inches forward and another clerk appears on phone.

Clerk on phone holding up finger to woman, signaling to hold that thought. Doesn’t put finger down the whole time while on phone. Says Ah hah a lot while on phone. Long pause, and then, Ok, have Prince’s people call Norm Macdonald’s people. Puts phone down, then finger. What can I do for you, mam?

Woman with list in hand, holding list just in view, but pausing to ask a question different than the one it seems she came to ask. Isn’t Prince dead?

Clerk looking at her like she has three heads, then leaning in to whisper, but doesn’t whisper, Look around. They both pause and look around. He says in a normal talking voice, Nobody’s dead.

George Washington walks by with large plastic item, like a stamp iron that someone put down out of place.


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  1. What are the implications?

    Also, in TV-world, when people happen on circumstances such as these, they pause for awe, while I believe in reality they’d crumble with distress and fear.

  2. Can’t believe I beat Rabbit to this implication reference. He must be in a dead zone somewhere in China.

  3. Went into wilderness for a few days. Dead zones tend to have more life. Talk about implications.

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