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Title: Epitaph
Subtext: If we can't speak all of our mind any time we'd like, we must write.
Date: 17 Nov 15 (Tuesday in the PM)
Time: Less than a minute
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Revisions: 20
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Behind me came a crunching sound, then a leaping pounce and growl that rattled my chest bones. I ducked – rapid sheer instinct. It was a bear flying over my head and tumbling into the woody thicket. I ran like hell on a deer path.

*          *          *

I had wanted peace, so I took a walk where there were no people. I drove for an hour and picked a spot I didn’t quite know. There was nothing out there for concentric miles until a nuclear power plant cropped up in a cordoned-off part of wilderness.

*          *          *

Its reactors were melting down now, and a wave of radiation had gotten to the bear and me before either of us could do anything for the other. We were lamed.

It was minutes; then the end. There is no shock that bounds terminal pain. More than anything, it’s a weird rush of what might more routinely come on like a slow reaper going the pace of life.

*          *          *

In the secret pocket of my fleece were two tiny seashells, one spiral smaller than the other. I found them on the shore near my home and thought of my two sons. I kept them as a reminder.

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