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Title: Don’t Let the Bee Gees Make You Buy a Bad Toothbrush
Subtext: Capital choice.
Date: 21 Sep 14 (Sunday in the AM)
Time: 1 minute
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Publicity: Superfeed

I was surprised to see a brand name toothbrush for only a dollar ninety-nine. Usually I fish around through the toothbrushes for the cheapest quality one. But this time I found one that was the same price as the generic ones. I wondered if someone made a mistake. No, I thought. No one made a mistake. It was just a good deal. Be positive. 

They were playing The Bee Gees over the speakers in the store, and I was singing and feeling really good about things, How deep is your love, how deep is your love. The clerk stocking cotton swabs joined in, Cause I really need to learn.

Aw yeah, I went. Then he goes, The Bee Gees were from Australia you know. Here, take some swabs. I also grabbed some chips on the way to check out. I didn’t even look at what kind.

I was singing that song on the way up the street, eating my chips. Eh, sour cream and onion. I got thirsty, so I dipped into a restaurant and ordered a water with no ice at the bar. A few minutes later, I was having a great conversation over the phone with a childhood friend. I just got up and left. Still on the phone, I mentioned that I’d have to hang up so that I could unlock my door and go upstairs into my house. We often had to get off the phone so I could get out some keys to a door or to start my car or something.

Upstairs, I opened my toothbrush, but it wasn’t easy to do. I ended up cutting myself trying to get the package open, and when I finally did the tooth brush snapped in half. Cause we’re living in a world of fools.

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