Title: Dandy
Subtext: Poll tax.
Date: 30 Nov 14 (Sunday in the PM)
Time: 1 minute
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More people showed up to vote than in any other election year in history.

Oliver’s dad, Ira, pulled him aside and quietly whispered, “Take off your shoes.” He then took off his own shoes, removed the soles and proceeded to fold them in threes. Like a letter getting stuffed into an envelope, he inserted his protracted soles into Oliver’s shoes, and helped Oliver squeeze back into them. They got into line.

After years of debate, Parliament had finally decided that children should be allowed to vote, being deemed members of society just like everyone else, with the rights to be respected in the present, and as important members of the future they were all creating together. But not being able to agree on an actual age, they came up with a minimum height instead. You had to be as tall as Dandy, the child created to inspire all children over four feet to become informed and active members of society.

Oliver spent the last three years collaborating with his dad, who happened to be an executive of the marketing campaign that created Dandy. Oliver learned about politics, and Ira learned more about what it means to think like a child. Ira took the result and formed Dandy – “For The Greater Good, An Exceptional Citizen” – who captured intelligent and active minds around the country. Ira promised Oliver he would be four feet tall by the time of the election.

They finally got to the front of the line – a line as far as the eye could see on that bright November morning. There were people of all ages, but this wasn’t an all-ages show.

Oliver finally made it up to the front of the line. He wasn’t tall enough to vote. He stepped aside and hopped up on a chair near the voting booth, hung his head, feet swinging.

“Oliver, I don’t get it. What happened?” Ira asked.

Oliver looked up, handing the soles he had snuck out of his shoes while in line back to his dad. “That’s ok dad. Maybe next time, right?”


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  1. Reminds me of the “this tall” signage at traveling carnivals. That’s what democracy is, after all, isn’t it?

  2. Arbitrary and capricious.

  3. Thinking back to my purple Perrine Literature Collection from sophomore year of highschool. Loved that book. I might start with and expand the last bit about the record turn out. It could be a tool to set the geographic and visual stage. Feels a little like a punchline as is, maybe?

  4. Totally agree with Falcon on the start-with instead of end-with. Super wise counsel for the visual stage.

  5. Nice!

    Hey, what do you need lifts in your shoes for when you’ve got a stool and a captive audience. Way to go Evan (Dandy).

  6. I still think that last sentence should come first.

  7. This could be a novel. Ira creates Dandy, who in some way turns out to be a real Lampwick, and pushes Oliver into a conspiracy to wear lifts (the thrice-folded soles seem appropriate), which falls apart. Wes Anderson meets Roald Dahl meets Horse.

  8. Yes to Dandy, the film adaptation of the novel adaptation of the vignette.

  9. This sounds good.

  10. Finally moved the last line to the top and superfed this classic.

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