Title: Conspiracy
Date: 21 Sep 14 (Sunday in the AM)
Time: 2 minutes
Replies: 6
Revisions: 3
Publicity: Workshop

The dark interior of back room of local pharmacy. The only light is from the dozen monitors on the wall.

Close-up of a man’s face in profile, nose to chin. He wears a headset and chews a toothpick.

Close-up of his name tag. It reads Eddie.

Close-up of monitor, showing front entrance to pharmacy. A young man, Lucio, walks past, almost out of shot, then turns to read flyer posted in window. He pauses a moment, then looks up at the store’s façade and walks in.

EDDIE: Alert. We have a target.

Shot of Lucio scanning the aisles. Several employees look his way, go back to menial tasks but continue to monitor him from the corners of their eyes. Lucio picks up an item here and there, reads the label, checks the price, and replaces it.

Cut to close-up of Eddie’s face in profile, nose to chin.

EDDIE: Cue the music.

The sound of the BeeGees surfaces throughout the store.

EDDIE: Oxygen.

Close-up to a vent pumping white vapor into the store’s interior, blown about by a large fan mounted on the wall.

EDDIE: Cue Tad.

Cut to Tad, a animatronic pharmacy clerk. His mechanical accent is thick, but masked by the escalating sound of the BeeGees. He approaches Lucio in a stiff, robotic manner.

Lucio, meanwhile, has received a phone call and is now mid-conversation.

LUCIO: That’s what I said! No no no no no. Hold on.

(to Tad)

Where are the toothbrushes?

TAD: You have reached the toothbrush department. Here we have a wide variety of toothbrushes for all of your brushing needs.

LUCIO (back to his phone): What kind of toothbrush do you use?

(to Tad)

What kind of toothbrush do you use?

(No response)

What’s your cheapest toothbrush?

TAD: We sell deodorant, tissue paper, vitamins, prophylactics.

EDDIE: Unit 24, initiate Protocol 66!

TAD (interrupting himself): Our finest tooth-cleaning instrument for the lowest price may be found here — it is the Oral B Basics, complete with non-slip handle and medium bristle strength.

LUCIO (into phone): What do you think about Oral B? Forget it.

(to Tad)

How much? And how much are the cheaper ones?

TAD: This week we are running a special. The Oral B Basics is our least expensive toothbrush at one dollar and ninety nine cents.

LUCIO (getting into the music, checking out the Oral B, comparing to a pharmacy brand brush he’s pulled from the shelf): How deep is your love, how deep is your love?

EDDIE: Initiate social interaction!

TAD (singing in monotone): Cause I really need to learn!

LUCIO: Okay, I’m sold. Where are the chips?

Cut to a shot of Lucio, walking down the aisle toward the checkout, talking on phone, eating chips.

Cut to Eddie’s face in profile, giving a slight smirk.

Cut to Lucio walking up front steps to his house, hanging up phone.

Cut to interior of bathroom, a struggle to open toothbrush package.

Cut to broken toothbrush on edge of sink.


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  1. Cut to blood in the sink, increasing zoom three times to the orchestral shrieking of Psycho.

    Cut to Eddie turning over comfortably in a big plush bed.

  2. I’m getting lost in the range if formatting choices. Here no quotation marks for dialogue, but all caps names and a colon to distinguish.

  3. Rooster needs to see The Lego Movie. He is Lord Business.

  4. I’d like to see MLA, APA, AMA, Chicago, and our Rooster in a free-for-all Anchorman style brawl. My money’s on the Rooster.


  5. What about the bar scene?

  6. Couldn’t work it in. Not that smart.

    Plus I forgot about it.

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