Rooster Land is a private and pseudonymous writing workshop. It features fiction vignettes, but includes other forms, modes, methods, and tidbits.

Our writers have published prize-winning books, briefed the United States Supreme Court, and appeared in frequently cited academic, industry and literary journals, as well as trusted sources of journalism such as The New York Times, The Guardian and The New Yorker. Some write for work; others write while at work.

If you want to track down an animal, feel free to write The Rooster.

Much of our craft remains behind workshop walls by default, but after a collaborative revision process open to all contributing animals (writers), selected pieces are democratically elevated to a publicly readable superfeed. Some projects get built out into dedicated channels or serializations with specific premises.

Made in roaming workshops across The Land. Delivered straight from farm to tablet. Ending the tyranny of trending. Where The Rooster crows, there is a village.

Rooster Land
Verses & Vignettes &c.


It has been 2245 days since Rooster Land congealed online.

Nota Bene

"It seems to me that popular novels in our age might serve the same function as stained-glass windows did in the Middle Ages." – Andrew Greeley