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‘I remember something you said to me. We were driving. I was rambling on and on. You told me not to be afraid of silence.’

‘Someone said the same thing to me.’

‘That’s how it goes around. Maybe we take what we’ve heard and say it again, with some mark of our own, probably most times without even realizing it. All of us, everything from the start, and it just kind of unfolds. Think of the first couple of things that got said – seeds of the human library.’

‘It’d be like tracing back the longest conversation possible.’

‘It looks cold.’

‘We came all the way out here.’

Water below and a big bright moon overhead.


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  1. Said the Rabbit to the Horse, that first night they stayed stranded on the boat together, atop that reef. They sat with their fears – which they would learn to sit with.

  2. Rooster recently said:

    I’m getting lost in the range of formatting choices. Here no quotation marks for dialogue, but all caps names and a colon to distinguish.

    Here we have single quotes all the way through but no double quotes to denote an original speaker.

    Great last line, by the way.

  3. Prescriptive v. (the newly established by Rooster) Aesthetic Grammar is at the heart of the Wars.

  4. I don’t think Rooster likes the Wars.

  5. What part of “iron fist” don’t we understand?

  6. More like a feathered fist.

    Elk, don’t take it the wrong way. It’s just for fun.

  7. Me? Hell no — down with all roosters. But I see its reasoning and cause even if its methods of are brutal – aesthetics are visual and substantive, and a great many other things as well.

  8. Reminds me of a midnight excursion to a certain sphagnum bog.

  9. Agreed.

    But tell that to the boys in the trenches. They’re fighting for their freedom.

    I see this story line taking on a Tolstoyan level of detail and scope.

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